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A huge thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the development of the library!

party.js is being developed as an open source product - free for everyone to use, forever. Since it's distributed under an MIT license, you are free to make and distribute your own version of the library, as long as it's under the same license as the original.

If you want to jump in straight away and hack away at the codebase, you can find the detailed version of the contribution guidelines on GitHub.

Get involved#

Even if you do not plan on contributing to the source code of the project, there are still plenty of ways to get involved in the development!

  • Start using the library! Go through the quick start guide, and check if everything works and feels right! Does something feel overly complicated, or is something lacking? Open an issue for it!
  • Is the documentation clear and without outdated information? When writing chunks of documentation at ones, developers tend to overlook details. If you come across something you think is out of place, let us now!
  • Do you see a requested features that has not yet been claimed by another contributor? Hop in and try to implement it yourself, and open a pull request afterwards to share your changes!

Contributions are very welcome. Just make sure that what you are contributing makes sense and aligns with the design principles of the library. If you need help planning your contribution, feel free to discuss them in an issue!