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A JavaScript library to brighten up your user's site experience with visual effects!

You can use the following objects in this codeblock: party, mouseEvent, codeblock, runButton.

Easy to Use

Just include the library in your HTML file, or install it via npm, and you're ready to go! All of the setup is done internally, without you having to break a sweat.

<script src=""></script>
npm install party-js --save

Highly customizeable

We believe that users should be able to decide for themselves how the effects should look. That's why every effect has default options, which can easily be overriden by the user.

party.confetti(this, {    count: party.variation.range(20, 40),    size: party.variation.range(0.8, 1.2),    // ... and more!});

As complex as you need it to be

You can call effects either with a single line of code, or with a huge block of options, fine-tuning every effect to your exact liking!

party.scene.current.createEmitter({    emitterOptions: {        // Customize the emitter behaviour, ...    },    emissionOptions: {        // ... the emission of the particles, ...    },    rendererOptions: {        // ... and the appearance!    }});

Try it out!


  • Confetti
  • Sparkles